Star Wars The Bad Batch Minifigures

LEGO ® Star Wars - The Bad Batch Minifigures

Star Wars The Bad Batch is a TV-series streaming on Disney+. The series starts just after order 66 is executed at the end of the Clone Wars. The Bad Batch is the name of an elite unit of clone troopers known as Clone Force 99. These troopers have an experimental genetic make-up that enhances certain traits, hoping this will make the better soldiers. The first LEGO ® Star Wars set from the Bad Batch seriest is box 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle. The set has the 5 Bad Batch clones, their Gonk droid and their shuttle. Clone Sergant Hunter is in charge of the Bad Batch clones. The clone Crosshair splits off from the unit and becomes their chief adversary.

The LEGO ® Bad Batch Minifigures are:

  1. Hunter - the leader of the Bad Batch, known for his keen senses and tracking skills.

  2. Wrecker - a powerful and muscular clone who specializes in demolitions.

  3. Tech - an expert in technology and computer systems.

  4. Crosshair - a sharpshooter with enhanced eyesight and aiming abilities.

  5. Echo - a clone trooper who was captured and modified by the Separatists, but later rescued and integrated into the Bad Batch.

Each Bad Batch Minifigure is designed with unique armor and accessories that accurately depict the characters from the show. They also come with a variety of weapons and equipment, such as blasters, backpacks, and helmets with visors.