Monkie Kid Minifigures

What is the Monkie Kid Theme?

The LEGO Monkie Kid product line, inspired by the legendary Monkey King and the classic Chinese tale "Journey to the West," offers a rich and imaginative world of characters and settings. Launched in May 2020, this theme blends traditional storytelling with modern LEGO creativity, resulting in an exciting range of sets and minifigures.

1. Background Inspiration:

2. Main Characters:

  1. Monkie Kid: The main protagonist, Monkie Kid (also known as MK), is depicted as a young noodle delivery boy chosen by the Monkey King as his successor. He wields the Monkey King's golden staff and is endowed with almost all of his powers. The Monkie Kid minifigure is central to the series and appears in 24 different sets.

  2. Mei: Mei, a key character and MK's best friend, is the descendant of the White Horse Dragon. She fights evil with her family's jade dragon blade and a dragon aura. The Mei minifigure, which appears in 10 different sets, showcases her vibrant and dynamic character.

  3. Pigsy: Pigsy, the stern owner and head chef of Pigsy's Noodles, acts as a fatherly figure to MK. His minifigure, which appears in 9 sets, is equipped with his favorite weapon, a rake.

  4. Sandy: Sandy, a reformed river ogre, is known for his peaceful demeanor following anger management therapy. However, he can become a formidable warrior when enraged. The Sandy minifigure, present in 5 sets, captures his unique characteristics.

  5. Mr. Tang: A regular at Pigsy's Noodles, Mr. Tang shares stories about the Monkey King with MK in exchange for free noodles. His minifigure appears in 6 sets.

  6. Monkey King: The legendary hero himself, the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), features in 10 different sets. He is portrayed as a wise and powerful figure, having retired to train MK as his successor.

  7. Other Characters: The LEGO Monkie Kid series also includes a diverse range of characters such as the Azure Lion, Bone Spirit, Brother Monkey, Chang'e, and many more. Each character brings its own unique flair to the theme, with a total of 132 different minifigures found in the series, spanning from 2020 to 2023

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4. LEGO Sets and Minifigures: