Choose-a- brick. Where you can buy individual LEGO bricks.

LEGO Spare parts for sale. You can buy individual LEGO pieces for most of our LEGO offers. Some LEGO codes are sold with a minimum quantity. This section contains the LEGO spare parts you can buy from us. If you have missing parts, pieces or are building a LEGO MOC, we have a large selection of LEGO replacement parts in bulk for sale. The replacement LEGO parts are organised by LEGO code the listing contains all available colors for that part. All our LEGO pieces are genuine authentic LEGO pieces. We don't sell fakes. We ship the LEGO bricks worldwide. The LEGO Parts you can pick from are always in NEW condition. They are taken out of new LEGO sets and are only handled to be repacked in bulk. Some pieces you can buy as single pieces, some pieces have to be bought in a minimum quantity. If you are building a LEGO MOC and need a special pieces, you can always ask through the Facebook messenger. We might have the piece in stock.