LEGO Ninjago Season 12 Prime Empire

LEGO Ninjago Season 12 Prime Empire plot

Prime Empire is the 12th season of the TV-series Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu. The season follows Ninjago Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu and is followed by Ninjago Master of the Mountain. The series revolves around the character of Unagami . He is the Prime Empires arcade game A.I. and its purpose is to rule the Prime Empire and command its armies of Red Visors designed It/He is created by the programmer Milton Dyer. When a boy Scott disappears, Milton Dyer blames Unagami and shuts down the game. This enrages Unagami and he decides to cross over to the real world and hurt Ninjago city. He enlists the help of the Mechanic and other villains from the Kryptarium Prison. When the Ninja's find out they get sucked into the game and have to battle their enemies as game avatars. You can watch the official LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire trailer here.

LEGO Ninjago Season 12 Prime Empire sets

There are 12 different LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire sets. LEGO et 71716, 71715 and 71714 the Arcade Boxes, LEGO set 71713 Empire Dragon, 71712 Empire Temple of Madness, set 71711 Jay's Cyber Dragon, set 71710 Ninja Tuner Car, 71709 Jay and Lloyd Velocity riders, 71708 Gamer's Market, 71707 Kai Mech Jet, set 71706 Cole's Speeder CAr and LEGO set 30537 Merchant Avatar Jay Polybag.

LEGO Ninjago season 12 Prime Empire Minifigures

There are 26 different Ninjago Prime Empire Minifigures. We try to keep most in stock in New or Used condition.