LEGO Ninjago Season 13 The Master of the Mountain

LEGO Ninjago Season 13 Master of the Mountain

The season revolves around Cole and his mother's relationship with the Shintaro mountains and their significance for her elemental power. The Ninja's and Master Wu Travel to the Shintaro Mountains. During the night, in the palace, Cole gets surprised by a creature wearing a necklace with the image of his mother. He goes into the dungeons and discoveries the Skull sorcerer who is forcing 2 tribes to mine for him. This villain used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to awaken and control an army of skeletons: the awakened warriors. The ninja defeat the Skull Sorcerer when Cole finds out a new power; the Ninjago burst. You can watch the official trailer here. It is also the Earth chapter in the Book of Elements. The mini-series The Island follows this season.

LEGO Ninjago season 13 Master of the Mountain sets

There are 9 LEGO Ninjago Master of the Mountain sets: the 3 Ninjago Burst sets 70685 - 70686 and 70687, set 71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons, 71718 Wu's Battle Dragon, 71719 Zane's Mino Creature, 71720 Fire Stone Mech, 71721 Skull Sorcerer's Dragon and 71722 Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons.

LEGO Ninjago Season 13 Master of the Mountain Minifigures

There are 22 different Ninjago season 13 Minifigures. W try to keep the in stock in New and Used condition.