LEGO Ninjago Special - The Island

LEGO Ninjago TV-series The Island

The Island is a LEGO Ninjago Miniseries. It comes in between Ninjago season 13 and Ninjago season 14 Seabound. Ronin is the chief adversary. You can watch the official The Island trailer here. The story revolves around the storm amulet. The Ninja's find out that Misako, Wu and clutch Powers have gone missing while on an expedition to the Island. They decide to launch a rescue mission. On the Island they find out the story behind the storm amulet. This storm amulet together with the wave amulet gives the spirit Wojira her powers. Long ago the amulets had been taken from Wojira, and to keep her from reappearing, the storm amulet was given to the keepers on the Island. In the last episode, it is shown that Wojira has already recovered the wave amulet.

LEGO Ninjago from the Mini-series The Island

There are 5 LEGO sets from the Island Miniseries.: Polybag 30539 Lloyd's Quad Bike, box 71745 Lloyd's Jungle Chopper bike, set 71746 Jungle Dragon, set 71747 The Keepers Village and set 71748 Catamaran Sea Battle.

LEGO Ninjago Minifigures from the Mini-series The Island

There are 14 different Ninja The Island Minifigures. The most collectable Minifigure is njo677 Chief Mammatus. We try to keep them in stock in New and Used condition.