Torso with light aqua Tang Jacket, Laces and Sash, Gold Trim and Cloud Pattern


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Embrace Elegance with LEGO® Tang Jacket Torso!

Elevate your LEGO® minifigures to new heights of style and grace with the 973pb5020c01 torso, adorned with a light aqua Tang Jacket, complete with laces, a sash, exquisite gold trim, and an ethereal cloud pattern. This beautifully detailed piece draws inspiration from traditional Asian attire, bringing a sense of sophistication and cultural richness to your LEGO® collection.

Perfect for historical scenes, cultural dioramas, or as a standout character in your LEGO® city, this torso piece encapsulates the beauty and elegance of traditional dress. The intricate detailing, from the laces and sash to the delicate gold trim and cloud pattern, showcases the LEGO® designers' commitment to authenticity and creativity.

Key Features of LEGO® 973pb5020c01 Tang Jacket Torso:

  • Rich Details: Features a light aqua Tang Jacket with laces, a sash, and gold trim, adorned with a cloud pattern for a look of timeless elegance.
  • Cultural Inspiration: Draws from traditional Asian attire, adding depth and diversity to your LEGO® minifigure collection.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for historical reenactments, cultural displays, or as unique characters in any LEGO® setting.
  • Quality LEGO® Construction: Durable design and vibrant colors ensure your minifigures stand out in any adventure.

With the LEGO® 973pb5020c01 Tang Jacket Torso, your LEGO® world becomes a canvas for storytelling that spans continents and epochs. Whether staging a historical epic, celebrating cultural heritage, or simply adding a touch of elegance to everyday LEGO® life, this torso piece is a gateway to endless imaginative possibilities.

Integrate this exquisite torso into your LEGO® minifigure wardrobe and let the stories of grace, beauty, and tradition unfold in your creations. The journey through time and culture begins with a single LEGO® piece.

Note: Some LEGO® parts may pose a choking hazard for children under 3 years old. All LEGO® parts have been removed from their original packaging. "New" means they have only been used for repackaging. "Used" means they have been previously owned but are still in good condition.