Minifigure Parts

Looking for a place to pimp out your LEGO ® minifigures? Check out our Minifigure Parts category! We've got everything you need to make your minifigs look their best, from heads to toes (and everything in between). Whether you're building an epic battle scene or just looking to show off your LEGO minifigure collection, our parts selection has got you covered. So why settle for boring minifigs when you can create unboring Minifigs? So let's get building and show the world what unboring minifigs can do!

ere are some fun facts about LEGO Minifigure parts:

  1. The very first LEGO Minifigures were introduced in 1978 and were made up of just six parts: head, torso, legs, two arms, and hands.
  2. The iconic yellow color of LEGO Minifigures was chosen because it was the most neutral color available at the time, and it allowed for more creative possibilities in terms of accessories and outfits.
  3. The standard LEGO Minifigure has around 11 points of articulation, including the head, shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles.
  4. LEGO has produced over 8,000 different types of Minifigure parts, including unique hairstyles, facial expressions, and accessories like hats, weapons, and pets.
  5. LEGO Minifigures are so popular that they have even been used as a tool for therapy and social skills development in children with autism and other developmental disorders.
  6. Some rare and limited edition LEGO Minifigures have sold for thousands of dollars on the collector's market, including a solid gold C-3PO figure that was auctioned off for over $10,000 in 2007.