Minifigure Torso

LEGO Minifigure torsos have not much changed since the seventies. After the early version with no arms and hands, the only noticeable change in the LEGO Minifigure torso is on the inside. For the LEGO Mini-doll torsos LEGO company chose a whole original design. We divide LEGO Minifigure torsos in special design torso for example torso 23763c01pb01 from the Nexo Knight Axl or the little baby torsos, plain torsos with body, arms and hand in the same color, unprinted with body, arms and hands without print and decorated torso's. The decorated torsos exist with all kinds of prints. The obvious kinds would be female LEGO torsos and male LEGO torsos. Because male torsos and female torsos can be used for both sexes in a lot of cases, we do not subdivide the category. The other big distinctions are the colors. There are White LEGO torsos, black torsos and torsos in almost every color that you would like. There is also LEGO person theme specific torsos like Harry Potter torso, Ninjago torso, castle torso, pirate torso, clone torso etc. A tuxedo, suit torso, sweaters, and vest are people specific torsos. Ideal to mix and match and to create the perfect custom Minifigure. The Mini figure torso parts can be in used or new condition. The condition is always shown in each listing. You can find almost any LEGO body design that you would want.

We only sell authentic LEGO body pieces.