Yellow Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female Black Eyebrows, Beauty Mark, Dark Tan Lips, Crooked Smile - Scowl Pattern Nya - Hollow Stud


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Add Emotional Range to Your LEGO® Collection!

Introduce a spectrum of expressions to your LEGO® minifigures with the 3626cpb1888 Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female with Beauty Mark, Nougat Lips, Smirk with Dimple / Scowl with Wrinkle between Eyes Pattern - Hollow Stud. This versatile head piece allows for dynamic storytelling and character development in your LEGO® universe, featuring two distinct facial expressions that capture the complexity of emotions.

One side reveals a confident smirk with a charming dimple and a subtle beauty mark, perfect for scenes of triumph, mischief, or flirtation. Flip the head to unveil a scowl marked with a wrinkle between the eyes, ideal for conveying frustration, determination, or the heat of battle. The detailed nougat lips add a touch of realism to both expressions, making your characters more relatable and expressive.

Key Features of LEGO® 3626cpb1888 Female Minifigure Head:

  • Dual-Sided Expressions: A smirk with dimple and a scowl with wrinkle for varied storytelling.
  • Realistic Details: Beauty mark and nougat lips enhance the character's authenticity.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of scenarios and LEGO® themes.
  • Emotional Depth: Enables nuanced character portrayal in your LEGO® narratives.
  • Quality LEGO® Design: Durable construction for long-lasting play and display.

With the LEGO® 3626cpb1888 Female Minifigure Head, your LEGO® stories can embrace the full range of human emotion, from joy to adversity. It's an essential piece for any LEGO® enthusiast looking to add depth and personality to their minifigure collection.

Expand your LEGO® minifigure's emotional repertoire with this dual-sided head and watch as your LEGO® tales unfold with greater richness and complexity. Let the storytelling begin!

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