Technic, Steering Arm with 3 Tow Ball, Compact


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Revolutionize your LEGO® Technic creations with the 15460 Technic, Steering Arm with 3 Tow Ball, Compact. This compact yet highly functional steering arm is a game-changer for building sophisticated vehicles with realistic steering mechanisms. Its three tow ball joints provide multiple connection points, allowing for versatile and dynamic movement in your models.

Whether you're constructing a sleek sports car, a heavy-duty truck, or an innovative robotic arm, this steering arm adds precision and flexibility to your designs. The compact size makes it an ideal choice for models where space is at a premium, without compromising on functionality.

Create vehicles that not only look impressive but also have the maneuverability to navigate the intricate landscapes of your LEGO® world. The 15460 Steering Arm is your key to unlocking new levels of creativity and engineering prowess in your LEGO® Technic builds!

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