Technic Parts

Overview LEGO® Technic pieces and parts

The idea of a more studless building of more complicated sets was tried out in 1977. It was officially renamed Technic in 1982. The builts are more based on combining lift arms and pins than relying on studded bricks. the LEGO® Technic sets have a lot of special LEGO® Technic parts you will not find in more regular sets. These include LEGO® Technic parts like gears, gearboxes, axles, pins, and pin connectors.

More complicated LEGO® Technic sets have electric motors, some with remote control, power functions and pneumatic pieces. In recent years, the company took the concept farther into robotics with the MINDSTORMS® releases. The sets have scanner for object recognition are the models are even programmable.

The LEGO® Technic pieces can be integrated into regular building and some more complicated sets include technical parts.

Let your creativity be free! We have a lot of loose LEGO® Technic™ parts available, including motors and gears. You can build anything with these fun LEGO® Technic™ pieces, from building models and cars to making artwork and much, much more.