Technic, Gear 8 Tooth Type 2


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Introducing the LEGO® Part 10928: Technic, Gear 8 Tooth with Dual Face! This isn't just any gear; it's the gear that keeps the LEGO® world turning, quite literally. Perfect for those Minifigures who fancy themselves as engineers, or for those who just like to see things spin around and around (and around).

With a face on both sides, this gear isn't two-faced in the sneaky sense, but it is in the 'twice as useful' sense. It's like the Janus of the LEGO® Technic world, looking to the future and the past of your build at the same time. Get your machines geared up for some dual-sided action that will have your Minifigures' heads spinning with possibilities!

Whether it's for a high-tech vehicle, a complex contraption, or just because you like the clickety-clack sound they make, these gears are a must-have. They're not just functional; they're fun-ctional!

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