Minifigure, Head Glasses with Orange Sunglasses and Smirk Pattern - Hollow Stud


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Get ready to add some coolness to your LEGO® collection with the 3626cpb0212 Minifigure Head, featuring stylish orange sunglasses and a confident smirk. This unique head is perfect for creating characters with an attitude that shines brighter than the sun!

Designed for LEGO® enthusiasts, this head component is a must-have for creating distinctive characters in your cityscapes or adventurous settings. The orange sunglasses give a trendy, summer vibe, perfect for beach scenes or sunny day adventures.

With its hollow stud design, this piece easily fits onto any LEGO® Minifigure body, allowing for seamless integration into your existing collection. Mix and match with other parts to create a variety of cool characters!

Whether you're building a bustling city scene or creating a unique Minifigure, this head with orange sunglasses adds a touch of flair and personality. Don't miss the chance to elevate your LEGO® creations with this snazzy piece!

Remember, while this head piece brings a lot of fun, it's not just about looks. It's crafted with the high-quality standard you expect from LEGO®, ensuring durability and compatibility with your favorite sets.

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