Minifigure, Hair Short and Bushy, Parted on Left


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Get Hairy with LEGO® Minifigure Hair 38798 - Short, Bushy, and Ready to Party!

Tired of your LEGO® minifigures looking a little too "smooth" up top? Time to add some serious hair-raising excitement with the Short and Bushy Hairpiece 38798, parted on the left!

Made from the finest LEGO® materials, this hairpiece is perfect for minifigures looking to add some pizzazz to their style. With its short and bushy design, your minifigures will be ready to party like never before!

Compatible with a wide range of minifigure heads, this hairpiece is easy to attach and remove, making it perfect for swapping between your favorite minifigures. Mix and match with other LEGO® accessories to create your perfect look!


  • Short and Bushy hairstyle, parted on the left
  • High-quality LEGO® materials for durability
  • Compatible with a wide range of minifigure heads
  • Ready to party!
  • Order now and give your LEGO® minifigures the hair they deserve with the Short and Bushy Hairpiece 38798 - it's a party on top!

    Note: Some LEGO® toys contain small parts that can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old. Keep them away from little ones and let your hair down!

    All LEGO pieces are out of their original package. New means they have only been handled to be repackaged. Used means they have been played with but are in good condition.