Lopsided Grin with Thick Eyebrows and Sideburns


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Expression with Style!

Add a touch of personality to your LEGO® minifigures with the expressive LEGO® Minifigure Head 3626cpb2733 - Lopsided Grin with Thick Eyebrows and Sideburns! This head accessory brings character and style to your minifigure creations.

Introducing the Lopsided Grin with Thick Eyebrows and Sideburns, a must-have for LEGO® fans. Whether you're building a heroic figure or a comedic character, this head will make your minifigures stand out with its expressive features.

Give your minifigures their own unique style and let their personalities shine. The lopsided grin, thick eyebrows, and eye-catching sideburns make this head accessory a standout element that sparks imagination.


  • High-quality LEGO® Minifigure Head
  • Perfect for adding personalization to your minifigures
  • Compatible with other LEGO® minifigure accessories
  • Encourages creativity and imagination

Let your minifigures express their own style with the Lopsided Grin, Thick Eyebrows, and Sideburns. Create unique characters, tell engaging stories, and bring some fun to your LEGO® adventures!

Note: Some LEGO® toys contain small parts that can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

All LEGO® pieces are out of their original package. New means they have only been handled to be repackaged. Used means they have been played with but are in good condition.