Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern


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Stylish Yellow Boots for Your Minifigures!

Elevate your LEGO® minifigures' fashion game with LEGO® Minifigure Parts 970c00pb0575 Hips and Legs! These hip and leg parts are designed with a cool yellow boots pattern, perfect for adding a touch of style and flair to your minifigure collection.

Introducing the Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern, a must-have accessory for LEGO® enthusiasts. Whether you're creating new characters or upgrading existing ones, these parts will bring a fresh and trendy look to your minifigures.

Dress up your minifigures in style and let their personality shine through. The yellow boots pattern adds a vibrant and fashionable touch, making your minifigures stand out from the crowd.


  • Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern
  • comes with variety of colors to choose from
  • Perfect for customizing and enhancing your minifigures
  • Compatible with other LEGO® minifigure parts and accessories
  • Unleashes creativity and imagination in children and adult fans

Upgrade your minifigures' fashion game and add a stylish twist to your LEGO® creations with the Hips and Legs with Yellow Boots Pattern. Let your imagination run wild and create unique characters that are sure to make a fashion statement!

Note: Some LEGO® toys contain small parts that can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

All LEGO® pieces are out of their original package. New means they have only been handled to be repackaged. Used means they have been played with but are in good condition.