General Vangelis


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Who is General Vangelis?

General Vangelis is a character in "LEGO Ninjago Season 15: Crystalized." He appears as a member of the Crystal Council, a group assembled by the Overlord, now known as the Crystal King. The Crystal Council, which includes General Vangelis, plays a pivotal role in the Overlord's plot against the Ninja. They are instrumental in executing the Overlord's plans to conquer Ninjago and oppose the Ninja heroes. General Vangelis, with his position on the council, contributes to the heightened tension and conflicts in this season

Some more points about Vangelis

  • Former Master of the Dungeons of Shintaro: General Vangelis is known as the former master of the Dungeons of Shintaro. He played a crucial role in the region, wielding significant power and influence.
  • Skull Sorcerer Identity: Vangelis was also known as the Skull Sorcerer, a title that denotes his control over an army of skeletons, known as the awakened warriors, from the dungeons of Shintaro. This identity adds a layer of mystery and darkness to his character.
  • Corrupt King of Shintaro: As the King of the Ivory City of Shintaro, Vangelis led a mining operation. His reign was marked by corruption, including the enslavement of the Geckles and Munce to mine Vengestone, a powerful and rare material in the Ninjago world.
  • Main Antagonist in Earlier Seasons: Vangelis was the main antagonist in Season 13: Master of the Mountain. His actions and decisions during this season significantly impacted the storyline and the lives of the main characters.
  • Major Antagonist in Season 15: Crystalized: In Season 15, he continues to play a major role as a major antagonist. His previous actions and his ongoing ambitions contribute to the overarching conflict and narrative of this season.
  • Council of the Crystal King: Vangelis's affiliation with the Council of the Crystal King in Season 15 shows his continued influence and power within the Ninjago world, aligning with other powerful figures to challenge the Ninja team.