Zia Rodriguez, Dark Bluish Gray Jacket


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LEGO® Minifigure Zia Rodriguez - a fierce and fearless dino expert with a passion for all things prehistoric! With her trusty tranquilizer gun and sharp intellect, Zia is ready to tackle even the wildest of Jurassic adventures. Add her to your LEGO® Jurassic World sets for an extra dose of excitement and suspense. Expand your minifigure collection and embark on thrilling adventures with Zia as she uncovers the mysteries of the dinosaur world! But remember, never underestimate the power of a dino wrangler!

Zia Rodriguez is a character from the Jurassic World movie franchise, specifically the 2018 film "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom." She is a former Marine and a paleo-veterinarian who is passionate about the welfare of dinosaurs. Zia is a member of the Dinosaur Protection Group, an organization founded by Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) to advocate for dinosaur rights and prevent their extinction.

In the movie, Zia's knowledge of dinosaurs, medical expertise, and military background prove invaluable as she and her team try to rescue the creatures from Isla Nublar, an island with an active volcano that threatens their survival. Zia is portrayed by actress Daniella Pineda, and her character is known for her strong-willed, resourceful, and courageous nature.



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