White Hero Factory Weapon Accessory - Flame-Lightning Bolt with Axle Hole with Marbled Trans-Light Blue Pattern


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1.900 Grams
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Unleash the power of the elements with the LEGO® Flame-Lightning Bolt with Axle Hole and Marbled Trans-Light Blue Pattern (MPN11302pb02). This striking, uniquely designed accessory adds a touch of magic and mystique to your LEGO® creations, making them truly stand out.

Perfect for building dynamic scenes, the LEGO® Flame-Lightning Bolt (MPN11302pb02) enhances the overall look of your creations, whether it's a wizard's duel, a superhero battle, or a mythical creature's lair. Compatible with all LEGO® sets, this eye-catching element allows you to explore endless storytelling possibilities.


  • Genuine LEGO® Flame-Lightning Bolt (MPN11302pb02)
  • Dimensions: Length 7.95 cm
  • Distinctive marbled trans-light blue pattern for added visual appeal
  • Axle hole for easy integration with your LEGO® builds
  • High-quality, durable materials for lasting enjoyment

Bring a touch of enchantment to your LEGO® building experience with the Flame-Lightning Bolt (MPN11302pb02). Order now and spark your creativity with this magical accessory!


Some LEGO® toys contain small parts that are NOT suitable for and may pose a hazard to children under 3 years of age