Roof tiles

Building LEGO roofs the old-fashioned way.

Building LEGO roofs with the classic pieces like the ones used in set LEGO 6119 roof tiles. This technique uses the common roof pieces like red slope 45 2x 1, red slope 45 2 x 2, red slope 45 2 x 4 and red slope 45 2 x 3. Of course you can change the colors to black roof tiles or any other color. Apart from that, you will need LEGO roof corner pieces and double slope piece. You will also need some inverted roof tiles.

You can watch a nice YouTube tutorial on classic roof building here.

Building LEGO roofs the medieval way

To have a LEGO shingles roof that has a medieval look, we need to use tiles 1 x 2 as roof shingles.

A good step-by-step guide of the roof shingles idea is provided Youtuber SierconCoral.

Building LEGO roofs Bamboo style / Japanese style.

The LEGO roof pieces of choice here are the 1 x 1 round brick. You need to stack these on each other and connect them with a 1 x X plate. Choose the size of the plate as long as you want your roof to be wide. A good example of this technique is How Youtuber Brickwave build his Japanese teahouse roof

We include here the most common LEGO roof tiles as products

We included slopes in different angles and tower pieces. We have also included decorated tiles that can function as sun panels for modern houses.