Ninjago Snakes and Serpentine Minifigures

What are Ninjago Serpentines?

Serpentines are snake-like humanoids that used to be the primary species in the Ninjago world in the time of the first Spinjitzu Master. The main species are the Anacondrai, the Hypnobrai, the Fangpyre, the Constrictai, the Venomari, the Vermillion and the Pyro Vipers. In 2022 LEGO Ninjago released a series of CORE Ninjago that also included a range of Serpentines. We also include the Maaray Guards. Even though they are not serpentines, they have a snake head, so they look close enough to snakes. These figures are mostly snake villains.

Brief History of Ninjago Serpentines

First there was peace because and agreement between the Ninjago snake King Mambo V with the First Spinjitzu Master. That fell apart when the Ninjago snake tribes united and the first Serpentine war started. The people of Ninjago defeated them and locked up in 5 separate tombs. A lot later they were freed by Garmadon and Pythor, who reunited the snakes and started the second Serpentine war, in which he released the Great devourer. Garmadon eventually defeated this great devourer. The Serpentines were locked up in a stone army tomb again. When the Ninjas battled the Nindroids, the general of the Hypnobrai changed sides and helped the Ninjas. The Golden Ninja was destroyed and Pythor was shrunk. Later the Serpentines came to the ninjas aid again when Chen created an army of fake Anacondrai. Garmadon sacrificed himself to defeat Master Chen and his fake Anacondrai army.

Another Ninjago Serpentine thread appeared when Krux created an army of Vermillion snakes to destroy Ninjago city. They also got defeated. This season created one of the coolest Ninjago Serpentine Minifigures General Machia with the Medusa like hair.

Another fight with Ninjago serpentines started when the Ninjas and Clutch accidentally freed Aspheera from her tomb in an ancient pyramid. The ninjas faced an army of Serpentines. Zane defeated Aspheera, and that was that.

Which Ninjago snakes exist as LEGO Serpentine Minifigures?

You can find a lot of the LEGO Serpentine Minifigures below as products. We like to highlight Bytar, who has an unusual head for a LEGO Serpentine Minifigure. One of the most important ones is Pythor, the last of the Anacondrai. This Serpentine Minifigure is a must have for a Ninjago Minifigure collector.