Construction Worker

Ready to join the LEGO® construction crew? Our minifigures collection has got you covered! With an array of characters and accessories to choose from, you'll have everything you need to build, play, and laugh out loud. Whether you're a fan of the classic construction worker or looking for something new, our selection has it all. So, put on your hard hat and get ready to build some serious fun!

Here are some fun facts about LEGO® construction workers:

  1. The first LEGO® construction worker minifigure was released in 1978 as part of the LEGO® City theme.

  2. The LEGO® construction worker minifigure is easily recognizable by its yellow hard hat, orange vest, and blue pants.

  3. Over the years, the LEGO® construction worker minifigure has been included in a variety of LEGO® sets, including construction vehicles, construction sites, and even amusement parks.

  4. The LEGO® construction worker minifigure has also been featured in several LEGO® movies and TV shows, including "The LEGO® Movie" and "LEGO® City Adventures".

  5. In addition to the classic male construction worker minifigure, LEGO® has also released a female construction worker minifigure in recent years, promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in their products.

  6. LEGO® has also released limited edition construction worker minifigures in collaboration with real-life construction companies, such as Caterpillar Inc., as part of their promotional campaigns.