Spirit of the Temple (71795)


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Embark on an ethereal adventure with the njo825 Spirit of the Temple from set 71795. This mystical LEGO® piece captures the essence of ancient legends and brings them to life in your collection. With its ghostly appearance and intricate details, it's a must-have for fans of fantasy and mythology.

The Spirit of the Temple is more than just a LEGO® part; it's a gateway to imaginary worlds. Use it to create scenes of epic battles, mysterious rituals, or as a guardian of sacred LEGO® treasures. Its translucent design adds a spectral charm to any build, making it a standout piece in both modern and ancient settings.

Whether you're enhancing your existing LEGO® sets or creating something entirely new, the Spirit of the Temple is a versatile addition that inspires stories of heroism, adventure, and magic. Let it guide your Minifigures on quests for hidden secrets and ancient artifacts in your LEGO® universe!

Who are the Spirits of the Temple?

The Spirit of the Temple, featured in the LEGO Ninjago set 71795-1, is an integral character from the Dragons Rising subcategory of the Ninjago theme. This minifigure represents a key figure in "Ninjago: Dragons Rising," a narrative dominated by "The Merge," a cataclysmic event merging Ninjago with other realms and sparking chaotic Mergequakes. As the ninja team endeavors to find the Dragon Cores to halt these Mergequakes, they face Empress Beatrix, who seeks these cores to fuel her weapon and annihilate the realms. The Spirit of the Temple's pivotal role unfolds in the episode "The Temple of the Dragon Cores," where Kai and Wyldfyre, harnessing their Elemental Powers, release the confined Spirits of the Temple. These spirits, once free, fiercely assail the ninja. Despite the ninja's robust defense using their Elemental Powers, they find the spirits invulnerable to their attacks, highlighting the mystical and formidable nature of these entities.


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