Pig with Black Eyes and White Pupils Pattern Bright Pink


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Introduce a Splash of Color to Your LEGO® Farm!

Brighten up your LEGO® agricultural scenes with the delightful 87621pb01 Bright Pink Pig. This eye-catching piece adds a fun and vibrant touch to any LEGO® farm setup, making it a must-have for animal enthusiasts and LEGO® collectors alike. With its bright pink color and cheerful appearance, this pig is sure to become a favorite among your LEGO® farm animals.

Whether you're creating a bustling farmyard, a peaceful countryside scene, or an educational display about agriculture, this bright pink pig brings life and color to your creations. Its detailed design captures the essence of a happy farm animal, ready to roam the fields and interact with other LEGO® creatures.

Key Features of LEGO® 87621pb01 Bright Pink Pig:

  • Vibrant Design: Eye-catching bright pink color makes this pig stand out in any scene.
  • Playful Addition: Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your LEGO® farm or animal collection.
  • Educational Value: Great for teaching children about farm animals and agriculture in a fun and engaging way.
  • Quality LEGO® Construction: Durable and designed to the high standards of LEGO® for endless play possibilities.

Add the 87621pb01 Bright Pink Pig to your LEGO® collection and watch as it brings joy and color to your farm scenes. This charming pig is not just an addition to your LEGO® world; it's a gateway to imaginative play and storytelling, inviting you to explore the fun side of farming and animal care.

Don't miss out on the chance to make your LEGO® farm more lively and colorful. Let this bright pink pig roam free and inspire creativity in your LEGO® adventures!

Note: Some LEGO® parts may pose a choking hazard for children under 3 years old. All LEGO® parts have been removed from their original packaging. "New" means they have only been used for repackaging. "Used" means they have been previously owned but are still in good condition.