Pie with Bright Light Yellow Cream Filling Pattern


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Satisfy your LEGO® Minifigure's sweet tooth with the 93568pb002 Pie with Cream Filling Pattern. This delectable LEGO® piece resembles a classic pie, complete with a cream filling pattern that looks good enough to eat! It's perfect for adding a homely touch to your LEGO® kitchens, diners, or any festive scene where a sweet treat is needed.

The detailed cream filling pattern on the pie adds a realistic and appetizing touch, making it an ideal accessory for Minifigure chefs, bakers, or anyone hosting a LEGO® feast. Whether it's a family gathering or a Minifigure picnic, this pie is sure to be the center of attention.

This pie isn't just for decoration; it can also inspire imaginative play scenarios. Host a LEGO® baking contest, create a cozy café scene, or simply have your Minifigures enjoy a delicious dessert after a meal. The possibilities for fun and creativity are as endless as the flavors of pie!


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