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LEGO® antenna is a small and specialized piece used in various LEGO® sets. It is designed to resemble a radio or communication antenna and is used to add detail to different builds or to allow for imaginative play.

The LEGO® antenna is a thin, flexible, and cylindrical piece that is inserted into a special socket or clip on the LEGO® brick or piece. It can come in different colors, such as black, gray, white, or orange, and different lengths, ranging from 1 to 16 LEGO® studs.

Antennas are commonly used in space-themed LEGO® sets, such as the LEGO® Star Wars and LEGO® Space Police lines, to create spacecraft antennas or communication devices. They can also be used in other LEGO® sets, such as city or castle themes, to create different types of towers or buildings.

The LEGO® antenna is a small and versatile piece that adds extra detail and functionality to many different types of LEGO® builds. It is a great example of how even small and specialized pieces can greatly enhance the building and play experience with LEGO® sets.