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LEGO Hinge Plates are specialized LEGO elements that allow builders to create movable joints and hinges in their constructions. These plates come in a range of sizes and designs, including standard hinge plates, swivel hinge plates, and ball socket hinge plates.

With LEGO Hinge Plates, builders can add dynamic and functional elements to their creations, such as doors, windows, and mechanical components. These plates are compatible with other LEGO bricks and elements, allowing for endless possibilities and combinations in building.

In our online shop category for LEGO Hinge Plates, you'll find an extensive selection of these essential components, including a variety of sizes and styles to suit your building needs. From simple hinges to complex joint systems, our collection has everything you need to take your LEGO building to the next level.

Examples of the use of Hinge plates in Animals

Example of how to use a LEGO Hinge for animals