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LEGO® electronic parts are specific LEGO® pieces designed to be used in combination with electronic circuits and devices. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match different LEGO® building styles and themes.

LEGO® electronic parts can be used to add motion, sound, or light to LEGO® creations. There are many different types of electronic parts available, such as motors, light sensors, sound sensors, and programmable bricks.

Using LEGO® electronic parts can enhance the creativity of builders and bring their creations to life with interactive features. This makes them ideal for educational purposes, such as STEM education.

Overall, LEGO® electronic parts are important components in the world of LEGO® building, allowing builders to take their creations to the next level and add an extra dimension to their builds. An extensive selection of LEGO® electronic parts is available for builders to explore and experiment with.