Prince of Persia Minifigures

Embark on a thrilling journey with our exclusive collection of LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures, inspired by the popular video game series and the 2010 film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time." These meticulously crafted minifigures allow fans to recreate the epic adventures of the agile and fearless Prince Dastan, as well as other memorable characters from the mystical realm of Persia.

Our LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigure collection features fan-favorite characters such as:

These minifigures are designed with incredible attention to detail, capturing the essence of each character and immersing builders in the enchanting world of Prince of Persia. Perfect for both collectors and creative storytellers, these LEGO® minifigures will transport you to a realm filled with action, intrigue, and breathtaking acrobatics.

Don't miss your chance to add these LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures to your collection and experience the magic of this captivating universe. Shop now and let the adventure begin!

Some fun facts about LEGO® Prince of Persia:

  1. The LEGO® Prince of Persia theme was released in 2010, based on the Disney movie "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which was an adaptation of the popular video game series created by Jordan Mechner.

  2. The LEGO® Prince of Persia theme was short-lived, with only six sets produced during its run. These sets include:

    • 7569 Desert Attack
    • 7570 The Ostrich Race
    • 7571 The Fight for the Dagger
    • 7572 Quest Against Time
    • 7573 Battle of Alamut
    • 20017 BrickMaster - Prince of Persia (a limited-edition polybag set)
  3. The theme introduced several new elements and unique pieces, such as the Dagger of Time and Ostriches, which were exclusive to the Prince of Persia sets at the time.

  4. The Prince of Persia minifigures featured a high level of detail and printing, particularly on the torsos and legs, to accurately represent the clothing and aesthetics of the characters in the movie and video games.

  5. While the theme was discontinued after its short run, some of the elements introduced in the Prince of Persia sets, such as the unique minifigure accessories and building techniques, have been adopted and repurposed in other LEGO® themes over the years.

These fun facts highlight the unique and creative aspects of the LEGO® Prince of Persia theme, making it a nostalgic and collectible series for fans of both LEGO® and the Prince of Persia franchise.