Power Miners

LEGO® Power Miner theme

The LEGO® company introduced the Power Miner theme in 2009. In 2010 it received a second sub-theme: Core of the Underworld, that year the theme was also discontinued. In the first story, the Power Miners investigate a problem of earthquakes. They drill into the earth and find out that a species of Rock Monster cause the problems. The Rock Monsters have a leader called the Cristal king. In the second story, the Power Miners are forced deeper into the Earth and there they encounter a different species of rock monsters: The Lava Monsters. The Power Miners have tools, vehicles and mech to stop the Rock Monsters from causing harm and to avoid being eaten by them.

LEGO® Power Miner sets

There are 16 different LEGO Power Miners set and several polybags. The sets are LEGO set 8964 Titanium Command Rig, set 8963 Rock Wrecker, set 8962 Crystal King, et 8961 Crystal Sweeper, set 8960 Thunder Driller, set 8959 Claw Digger, set 8958 Granite Grinder, et 8957 Mine Mech, set 8956 Stone Chopper, set 8709 Underground Mining Station, set 8708 Cave Crusher, set 8191 Lavantraz, set 8190 Claw Catcher, set 8189 Magna Mech and set 8188 Fire Blaster. 

What about the Rock Monsters?

A LEGO® Rock Monster is a minifigure character that first appeared in the LEGO® Power Miners theme, which was released between 2009 and 2010. These creatures are depicted as living beings made of rock and crystals and are native to the underground world where the Power Miners operate.

Rock Monsters come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics. The primary goal of the Power Miners is to collect energy crystals while contending with these Rock Monsters, who also crave the crystals as a source of power and sustenance.

Some of the notable Rock Monsters include:

  1. Meltrox: A small red Rock Monster with the ability to generate extreme heat.
  2. Boulderax: A small brown Rock Monster with immense strength.
  3. Sulfurix: A large yellow Rock Monster that can emit toxic gas.
  4. Geolix: A large green Rock Monster with incredible durability and strength.

The Rock Monsters added an engaging storyline and fun play elements to the LEGO® Power Miners theme,

LEGO® Power Miner Minifigures

There are 32 different LEGO Power Miner Minifigures divided between the rock monster, the lava monsters and the Power Miners. Small Rock Monsters and Lava Monsters are still very popular. The Power Miners have such a cool outfit and are cheap to get, that a lot of children use them as space commandos. The most collectable is the large figure Tremorox.