LEGO Ninjago Special Day of the Departed

Day of the departed description

LEGO Ninjago day of the departed is a TV special of Ninjago. On the celebration of the day of the departed, Cole who is still a ghost, realises that his ghostly form is fading away. He goes to the Airjitzu temple - Yang's the former Airjitzu Master haunted temple - to fight Yang, who is the one responsible for turning him into a ghost. He gets tricked into using the dark magic Yin blade and accidentally releases ghost forms of Ninjago's greatest villains. The villains are Samukai, Pythor, Kozu, Cryptor and Morro. Yang orders them to go after the Ninja. Cole finds out that Yang is trying to resurrect himself through the Rift of Return. The Ninja's defeat their enemies and Cole uses the Rift of Return to cross back into the real realm and be a human once more.

You can find the official Day of the Departed Trailer here

Focus Ninjago characters

The focus characters of the Days of the departed special are airjitzu Cole, Master Yan and Morro. The special makes a lot of the old villains reappear and made for some cool Ninjago Minifigures

Customer questions & answers

Question: Why is Cole no longer a ghost in season 7?

Answer: Cole went through the Rift of Return after visiting the Airjitzu temple and became a human again.

Question: Why has Cole a green scar?

Answer: In the Day of the Departed Cole went through the Rift of Return and turned back human after being a ghost for so long.. The rift was closing and Cole just got through in time. The green scar is a part of him that stayed a ghost.

Question: Why do Cole's hands glow?

Answer: Cole picked that ability up in his adventure in the Airjitzu temple of Master Yang in the day of the departed special episode.