LEGO Ninjago Season 14 Seabound

Ninjago Season 14 Seabound

The season builds up the Ninjago special "The Island" that preceded season 14. The focus character of this season in Nya. 

Plot and Episodes

There are 16 episodes in Ninjago season 14 Seabound. Nya's elemental powers are disrupted. The ninja's Nya, Jay, Zane and Lloyd, together with PIXAL, go deep into the sea to solve the mystery after they encountered an energy pulse out of the sea. They meet the evil prince Kalmaar who is trying to wake the storm spirit Wojira who once controlled the elemental powers of wind and water. The spirit fell into the ocean long ago because a warrior pulled amulets of its head. Nya eventually beat Kalmaar and the awaked Woijra. Jay almost drowns and to save him, Nya becomes one with the endless sea. She uses her new form to save Jay and defeat Woijra. Nya's transformation cannot be undone, and she has to stay in the sea.

Released sets and Minifigures

There are 5 different Ninjago Seabound sets, 9different foil pack and 14 different Seabound Minifigures.

The bad guys in Minifigures

Prince Kalmaar is the main bad guy. He is assisted by Maaray Guards. Maaray guards look like snakes but are not snakes. Glutinous is the servant who learns how to wake Woijra and later becomes good when he warns the Ninjas about Woijra's awakening.

The good Guys in Minifigures

The major character is Nya and in season 14 Seabound there is a very cool NRG Nya Minifigure version of Nya, when she has become one with the endless sea.


You can find the trailer for Ninjago season 14 Seabound here