Legends of Chima Minifigures

What are the LEGO Legends of Chima?

The LEGO World of Legends of Chima is a fantastical universe filled with adventure, magic, and of course, LEGO bricks. The story of Chima centers around eight animal tribes, each with their own unique powers and abilities, who battle for control of a powerful energy source called the CHI. The heroic Lion Tribe, led by Laval, is determined to keep the CHI safe and protect the land of Chima, while the villainous Crocodile Tribe, led by Cragger, will stop at nothing to claim the CHI for themselves.

In addition to the minifigures representing the various tribes, the world of Chima also includes a wide variety of vehicles, buildings, and other sets that allow builders to recreate the epic battles and adventures from the story. From soaring airships to fearsome battle tanks, the LEGO World of Legends of Chima offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and creative building.

Legends of Chima tribes

There are 19 tribes. Most of the LEGO Chima Minifigure heroes belong to a tribe. There are a few Chima Minifigures that are nomad and do not belong to a tribe. Furty and Skinnet come to mind. The different LEGO Chima tribes are the Lion tribe, the Eagle tribe, The Gorilla tribe, the Crocodile tribe, the Raven tribe, the wolf tribe, the Bat tribe, the Spider tribe, the Scorpion tribe, the Rhino tribe, the Vulture tribe, the Saber-Tooth tribe, the Tiger tribe, the Mammoth tribe, the Phoenix tribe, The Leopard tribe, the Ice Bear Tribe, the bear tribe and the Beaver Tribe.

Some important Legends of Chima minifigures

  1. Laval - The heroic prince of the Lion Tribe, Laval is one of the main characters in the Legends of Chima story. His armor is colored blue and gold, and his weapon of choice is the Royal Valious Sword.

  2. Cragger - The villainous prince of the Crocodile Tribe, Cragger is Laval's former best friend and rival. His armor is colored green and black, and his weapon of choice is the Vengblazer Claw.

  3. Eris - A member of the Eagle Tribe and one of Laval's closest allies, Eris is a skilled archer and fierce warrior. Her armor is colored white and gold, and her weapon of choice is the Eagle Bow.

  4. Worriz - The cunning leader of the Wolf Tribe, Worriz is known for his sharp mind and even sharper claws. His armor is colored red and gold, and his weapon of choice is the Bone Fist.

  5. Gorzan - A member of the Gorilla Tribe and one of Laval's trusted friends, Gorzan is a powerful and loyal ally. His armor is colored brown and gold, and his weapon of choice is the Gorilla Striker.

These minifigures, along with many others from the Legends of Chima theme, each have their own unique personalities, backstories, and weapons, making them exciting additions to any LEGO collection.