Indiana Jones Minifigures

Explore our extensive range of LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Minifigures, featuring heroes, villains, and sidekicks from the iconic film series. Complete your collection, recreate your favorite scenes, or mix and match to craft new adventures with these highly detailed and authentic loose minifigures. Ideal for fans and collectors alike!

Here are some fun facts about LEGO Indiana Jones:

First released in 2008: The LEGO Indiana Jones theme was first introduced in 2008, coinciding with the release of the fourth film, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."


Video games: LEGO Indiana Jones inspired two popular video games, "LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures" (2008) and "LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues" (2009), which featured humorous takes on the film series.


Unique LEGO elements: The LEGO Indiana Jones theme introduced several new and unique elements, such as Indiana Jones' iconic fedora, whip, and satchel, as well as new minifigure designs like the Hovitos tribesman and Ugha warrior.


Crossover with Star Wars: LEGO Indiana Jones sets included a few Easter eggs for Star Wars fans, like R2-D2 hidden in the hieroglyphics in the "Temple Escape" set, as both franchises were created by George Lucas.


Discontinued theme: The LEGO Indiana Jones theme was discontinued in 2009, making the sets and minifigures highly sought after by collectors.


Famous scenes in LEGO form: Some of the most iconic scenes from the Indiana Jones movies were recreated as LEGO sets, such as the boulder chase from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and the minecart chase from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."



Enjoy these fun facts about LEGO Indiana Jones, and happy building!

Fun Fact: Did you know that in 2023, LEGO® will release three new Indiana Jones™ sets, bringing even more excitement and building fun to the beloved theme? Get ready to embark on thrilling new adventures with your favorite archeologist!

The sets are 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, set 77012 Fighter Plane Chase and set 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb.