Hidden Side Minifigures

What is LEGO ® Hidden Side?

LEGO ® Hidden Side was introduced in 2019. It is a horror themed set placed in the city of Newbury.

The LEGO ® Hidden Side Minifigures are a series of minifigures that were released as part of the LEGO ® Hidden Side theme. This theme combines physical LEGO ® building sets with augmented reality (AR) technology to create an interactive play experience. Which means that the sets have links to cyber space and that you can hunt for ghosts and solve mysteries with your phone.

The minifigures in the LEGO ® Hidden Side theme are designed to resemble characters from a spooky, haunted world. They include heroes such as Jack Davids and Parker Jackson, as well as villains like Mr. Nibs and Lady E. Each minifigure has its own unique appearance and personality, and many include special accessories or features that tie into the theme's storyline.

In addition to their physical appearance, the Hidden Side Minifigures also play a role in the augmented reality component of the theme. By using a special app, players can scan their Hidden Side sets with a smartphone or tablet to reveal hidden ghosts, puzzles, and other interactive elements. The minifigures themselves can also be scanned to unlock special animations and AR effects.

What is LEGO ® Hidden Side and has the theme been discontinued?

The theme never really caught on and was discontinued in 2020. Although the Minifigures were a bit repetitive the sets looked really cool and there were a lot of special items to get from these sets.