City Minifigures

Welcome to the LEGO® CITY minifigures category page! Here, you'll find a wide array of characters from the bustling LEGO® CITY universe. Whether you're searching for brave firefighters, skilled construction workers, or everyday citizens, you'll find them all right here to enrich your LEGO® CITY world.

Our diverse selection of LEGO® CITY minifigures allows you to create realistic and engaging urban environments filled with endless storytelling possibilities. From everyday life to heroic adventures, these minifigures let you recreate the excitement and energy of a bustling cityscape.


Browse our collection of LEGO® CITY minifigures today and find the perfect characters to populate your cityscapes, bringing your LEGO® CITY world to life!

Fun facts about LEGO CITY theme:

  1. Long-running theme: LEGO CITY has been a popular theme since its inception in 1978, originally known as "LEGO Town" and later as "LEGO World City" before becoming "LEGO CITY" in 2005.

  2. Evolving city life: LEGO CITY sets often reflect changes and advancements in real-life city environments. This includes modern designs in transportation, architecture, and technology.

  3. Collaborations with real organizations: LEGO CITY has partnered with organizations like NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and National Geographic for sets inspired by real-life space missions and exploration projects.

  4. Diverse occupations: The theme features minifigures with various jobs, from firefighters and police officers to astronauts and deep-sea explorers, encouraging imaginative play and teaching children about different career paths.

  5. Modular buildings: LEGO CITY has an extensive lineup of modular buildings that can be combined to create custom cityscapes. These sets range from simple shops and homes to more elaborate structures like police stations and airports.

  6. Special subthemes: LEGO CITY occasionally introduces subthemes with specific settings, such as LEGO CITY Arctic, LEGO CITY Jungle, and LEGO CITY Space, allowing fans to explore different environments within the city universe.

  7. Popular advent calendars: The LEGO CITY Advent Calendar has become an annual holiday favorite among LEGO fans, offering a new build or minifigure for each day leading up to Christmas.

  8. Animated TV series: LEGO CITY has inspired an animated TV series called "LEGO City Adventures," which features characters and locations from the theme in humorous and action-packed stories.