Castle Minifigures

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Some fun facts about LEGO® Castle, one of the most beloved themes in the LEGO® universe:

  1. First introduced in 1978: The LEGO® Castle theme has been around for quite some time, with its first appearance as "Castle" in 1978. The iconic Yellow Castle (set #375) was the first-ever castle set, marking the beginning of this popular series.

  2. Variety of subthemes: Over the years, LEGO® Castle has seen numerous subthemes, including Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Black Knights, Forestmen, Wolfpack, Dragon Masters, Royal Knights, Fright Knights, and more. Each subtheme has its unique style, minifigures, and storyline.

  3. Distinctive baseplates: Many LEGO® Castle sets include large, molded baseplates that serve as the foundation for the castle structures. These baseplates often feature detailed designs, such as rocky terrain, rivers, or grassy landscapes.

  4. Classic LEGO® horse: The LEGO® Castle theme was the first to introduce the LEGO® horse, a staple in many LEGO® sets to this day. The horse has since evolved and gained more articulation and features, but its legacy began with Castle.

  5. The first minifigures with unique faces: The LEGO® Castle theme was among the first to introduce minifigures with unique facial expressions, breaking away from the traditional smiley face. This allowed for more diversity in the characters and storytelling.

  6. BURPs and LURPs: The LEGO® Castle sets often include BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) and LURPs (Little Ugly Rock Pieces), which are large, molded rock elements used to create terrain and castle walls. These pieces have become a staple in many other LEGO® themes as well.

  7. The LEGO® Castle theme's return: After a hiatus, the Castle theme made a comeback in 2013 with a new line of sets featuring a fresh storyline involving knights, dragons, and wizards.