Minifigure, Hair Swept Back with Long Beard


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1.010 Grams
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Transform your Minifigures with the distinguished 11891 Minifigure Hair Swept Back with Long Beard. This LEGO® piece brings a touch of wisdom and experience to any character. Perfect for creating wise wizards, seasoned sailors, or any character with a story to tell.

The swept-back hair style exudes confidence and sophistication, while the long beard adds a layer of depth and history. It's ideal for historical scenes, fantasy settings, or even modern-day narratives where a character with a bit of gravitas is needed.

This hair and beard combo is not just about looks; it's a narrative tool. It helps convey a sense of age, wisdom, and adventure. Whether for a wise old man or a rugged explorer, this piece adds character and personality to your LEGO® creations.

Easy to attach and compatible with all standard Minifigures, it's a versatile addition to any LEGO® enthusiast's collection. Give your Minifigures a makeover and let the stories unfold with this iconic hair and beard set.

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