Minifigure Armor Breastplate with Shoulder Pads and Front Stud


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Transform your LEGO® Minifigures into valiant warriors with the 15339 Minifigure Armor Breastplate with Shoulder Pads and Front Stud. This detailed armor piece is perfect for creating epic knights, fearsome gladiators, or any other armored hero you can imagine. The front stud allows for additional customization, giving you the freedom to attach emblems, capes, or other accessories.

Designed with intricate details, the shoulder pads add a touch of might and majesty, making your Minifigures stand out in any battle scene or historical diorama. Whether you're staging a medieval tournament or embarking on a fantasy adventure, this breastplate is essential for that extra layer of authenticity and protection.

Let the stories of bravery and courage unfold as your Minifigures don the 15339 Armor Breastplate. It's not just armor; it's a statement of strength and heroism in the LEGO® world!

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