Mini Doll Trousers with Stylish Red Shoes and Light Nougat Ankles


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Add a Dash of Color to Your LEGO® Mini Doll's Ensemble!

Refresh your LEGO® mini doll's wardrobe with the fashionable 92253c00pb53 Mini Doll Hips and Trousers. This eye-catching piece features classic blue trousers complemented by stylish red shoes with white laces and light nougat ankles, perfect for any mini doll that loves to stay on trend.

Whether heading to a casual meet-up, engaging in playful activities, or simply strutting around town, these trousers ensure your mini dolls are dressed in comfort and style. The vibrant red shoes add a playful pop of color, making this outfit ideal for any setting that calls for a touch of flair and personality.

Key Features:

  • Striking Red Shoes: The red shoes with white laces are not only trendy but also add a vibrant touch to the outfit.
  • Light Nougat Ankles: Provide a subtle yet stylish contrast to the blue trousers, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Versatile Blue Trousers: Easy to pair with a variety of tops and accessories for multiple fashion looks.
  • Durable and High-Quality: Crafted with LEGO®'s commitment to quality, ensuring long-lasting wear and style.

Upgrade your LEGO® mini doll’s fashion game with the 92253c00pb53 Hips and Trousers. Purchase now and let your mini dolls showcase their fabulous taste in fashion and charm!

Note: Remember that small LEGO® parts can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years. Always ensure safe play.