Police Minifigures

Discover our fantastic selection of LEGO® Police minifigures, ready to serve and protect your brick-built city!

Some facts about LEGO® Police minifigures:

  1. LEGO Police minifigures have been a part of the LEGO City theme since its inception in 1978, making them some of the oldest and most recognizable minifigures.
  2. Over the years, LEGO Police minifigures have evolved in terms of design and detail, with modern police minifigures featuring a variety of facial expressions, uniforms, and accessories.
  3. Police minifigures often come with unique accessories like handcuffs, walkie-talkies, police caps, and even police dogs.
  4. LEGO Police sets often feature various police roles, such as traffic police, detectives, and SWAT team members, each with unique minifigures and accessories.
  5. Some of the most popular LEGO Police sets featuring minifigures include the Police Station, Mobile Command Center, and High-Speed Chase sets.
  6. Notable LEGO® Police Minifigures: Duke DeTain, a brave and dedicated officer known for his sunglasses and confident smile; Officer Sam Grizzled, a seasoned and tough veteran cop with a gray mustache; and Chase McCain, a skilled undercover cop and protagonist of the LEGO City Undercover video game.