Captain Red Beard with Pirate Hat with Skull


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Captain Redbeard was first introduced in 1989 as part of the original LEGO Pirates line. He was the captain of the notorious pirate ship, the Black Seas Barracuda, which was one of the most popular and sought-after LEGO sets of the time.

Captain Redbeard's Minifigure was designed to be instantly recognizable as a pirate captain, with his distinctive red beard, tricorn hat, and eye patch. He was also equipped with a cutlass sword and a flintlock pistol, making him a formidable opponent for any of the bluecoat soldiers or other pirates in the LEGO Pirates line.

Captain Redbeard has also made cameo appearances in other LEGO themes, such as LEGO Racers and LEGO Island.

For example, in the 1999 video game "LEGO Racers," Captain Redbeard appears as a boss character in the pirate-themed race track, where players must defeat him in a race to progress to the next level. He also appears as a non-playable character in the 1997 video game "LEGO Island," where he can be found wandering around the island and interacting with other characters.

These cameo appearances helped to solidify Captain Redbeard's status as one of the most recognizable and beloved LEGO Minifigures of all time, and his popularity has only grown over the years.

Over the years, Captain Redbeard has become a fan favorite and has appeared in numerous LEGO Pirates sets and other LEGO media. He is often seen as the archetypal LEGO pirate captain and is a beloved character among LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

This is one of the must have Minifigures in every LEGO Minifigure collection.


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