Axolotl Pixelated Bright Light Orange


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What is a Minecraft Axolotl?

A Minecraft Axolotl is a new aquatic mob introduced in version 1.17 of the popular video game Minecraft. These creatures are based on the real-life Axolotl, a type of salamander found in Mexico. In Minecraft, Axolotls can be found in underwater caves and rivers in swamp biomes. They come in several different colors, including pink, gold, and brown. Axolotls in Minecraft have several unique behaviors. They are able to regenerate health quickly when out of water, and they can also play dead in order to avoid being attacked by hostile mobs. In addition, Axolotls can be picked up and placed in a bucket for transportation, similar to fish and other aquatic mobs. One interesting feature of Axolotls in Minecraft is that they can be used to help players fight off underwater threats. When a player is attacking an enemy in water, nearby Axolotls will automatically join the fight and attack the enemy as well. Players can also capture Axolotls in buckets and release them in other locations to help defend against underwater threats. Overall, Axolotls are a fun and unique addition to the Minecraft game, and they add a new level of depth to underwater exploration and combat.

LEGO ® Minecraft Axolotl

The LEGO ® axolotl was introduced in set 21180 The Guardian battle and has since been also included in polybag 30647 the Dripstone cavern

There are three different colours: Bright pink, Medium blue and bright light orange.