LEGO MOC Sets: The Ultimate Creative Outlet for Kids and Adults (Who Refuse to Grow Up)

Mar 10, 2023


LEGO ® MOC sets are becoming increasingly popular among LEGO ® enthusiasts. MOC stands for "My Own Creation," which refers to a LEGO ® set that is designed and built by an individual rather than by LEGO ® themselves. In this article, we will discuss what LEGO ® MOC sets are, how they differ from LEGO ® sets, and why they are so popular.

What are LEGO ® MOC sets?

LEGO ® MOC sets are sets that are designed and built by individuals using LEGO ® bricks. These sets are not produced or sold by LEGO ® but are rather created by individuals who have a passion for LEGO ® building. LEGO ® MOC sets are often designed around a specific theme, such as a famous building, a vehicle, or a movie scene.

How do LEGO ® MOC sets differ from LEGO ® sets?

LEGO ® MOC sets differ from LEGO ® sets in several ways. First and foremost, LEGO ® MOC sets are not official LEGO ® products, but rather individual creations. LEGO ® sets are designed and produced by LEGO, while MOC sets are designed and built by individuals.

Secondly, LEGO ® MOC sets often feature more complex designs and building techniques than LEGO ® sets. MOC builders have the freedom to use any LEGO ® piece they want, and as a result, can create more intricate designs that may not be possible with LEGO ® sets.

Lastly, LEGO ® MOC sets are often one-of-a-kind creations, while LEGO ® sets are produced in large quantities and sold to the general public.

Why are LEGO ® MOC sets so popular?

LEGO ® MOC sets are popular among LEGO ® enthusiasts for several reasons. First, they provide a creative outlet for individuals who love LEGO ® building. MOC builders have the freedom to create anything they want, without the constraints of following instructions or using specific LEGO ® pieces.

Secondly, LEGO ® MOC sets offer a unique and personalized building experience. Each MOC set is different and reflects the individuality and creativity of the builder.

Lastly, LEGO ® MOC sets often appeal to individuals who are interested in specific themes, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. MOC builders can create sets that are tailored to their interests and passions, rather than being limited to the themes produced by LEGO.

Want your own MOC but have no idea where to begin

If you're interested in building your own LEGO ® MOC set, there are several resources available online where you can find building plans and instructions. One popular website for LEGO ® MOC building plans is, which has a large database of user-submitted building plans for all types of LEGO ® creations. Here are a few more of our favorites:

  • The ever-popular has a huge selection of user-submitted building plans and instructions. Plus, you can buy all the LEGO pieces you need right there on the website. Talk about one-stop shopping!
  • If you're looking for something a little more niche, check out This website has a thriving community of LEGO builders who share their MOC creations and building plans. You might just find the perfect plan for your next project.
  • For those who want to take their LEGO MOC building to the next level, check out This website offers advanced software tools for designing and building LEGO models on your computer. It's like CAD for LEGO enthusiasts!

In addition to these websites, many LEGO ® builders share their MOC designs on social media platforms such as Instagram and Flickr, where you can find inspiration and ideas for your own creations. With these resources, you can find building plans and instructions for LEGO ® MOC sets and start building your own unique creations.

Where to find the pieces that you need for your MOC

Once you have found the building plans for your LEGO ® MOC set, it's time to gather the necessary LEGO ® pieces. Depending on the complexity and size of the set, you may need to purchase additional LEGO ® pieces. You can buy them here on or visit your local LEGO ® store or use LEGO's Pick-a-Brick service to purchase individual pieces. In fact we wrote a whole article on where to find LEGO ® pieces.

Once you have all the necessary pieces, you can start building your LEGO ® MOC set following the building plans and instructions. Building your own LEGO ® MOC set can be a fun and rewarding experience, and with the availability of building plans and resources online, anyone can try their hand at creating their own unique LEGO ® creation.


At the end of the day, building LEGO ® MOC sets isn't just about having the best creation out there. It's about having fun! Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting out, the joy of creating something new and unique is what makes LEGO ® MOC building so special. So, don't worry if your creation isn't perfect or if it's not as complex as others. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the building process. After all, if you're not having fun, what's the point? So, grab your LEGO ® pieces and let your creativity run wild. You never know what amazing creation you might come up with! And if your creation doesn't turn out quite like you imagined, just remember the immortal words of Bob Ross: "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."