LEGO stickers! The perfect way to add some flair to your brick creations. Whether you're looking to add some funk to your LEGO vehicles, or just want to give your minifigures some extra personality, The LEGO Stickers category has got you covered!

But we don't just offer a variety of stickers – we make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. With our convenient sorting options, you can easily search for stickers by theme, and even by specific LEGO sets. It's like having your very own personal sticker concierge!

So come on down to Choose-a-Sticker and find the perfect stickers to bring your LEGO creations to life. Whether you're building a robot army or a tropical paradise, we've got the stickers you need to make it pop!

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can I get replacement stickers?

Answer: If there are stickers missing in a new LEGO set, you can contact the LEGO Customer service. They will help to find a solution. If you are looking to replace old stickers or stickers that playing has damaged, you can use LEGO pick-a-brick for that too. You can also use specialised companies like our own to see the stickers are available. If we do not have the sticker in stock, we might still find it for you. You can use the out-of-stock notification and we will try to find it.

Question: Why does the LEGO Company uses stickers instead of printed bricks?

Answer: The most obvious reason is cost. It is cheaper to create stickers. It also reduces the complexity of storing and distributing the bricks.

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