Minecraft Minifigures

What is LEGO® Minecraft™?

LEGO® Minecraft™ is a LEGO® theme based on the Mojang video game Minecraft™. The first LEGO® Minecraft™ set dates from 2012 and was the Micro world The Forest. In the years since then, a lot of Minecraft™ characters, skins, mobs, and animals have appeared as regular LEGO® Minecraft™ Minifigures.

How to build the difficult brick build LEGO® Minecraft™ Minifigure?

For the harder Minecraft™ Minifigures, we have made a YouTube collection, where the Minecraft™ Minifigures are built step by step. You can find it here:

Minecraft™ Minifigure build videos


Customer questions & answers

Question: How many LEGO® Minecraft Minifigures are there? 

Answer: That is a moving target as the LEGO® company still makes new Minecraft Minifigures every year. Today there are 112 different LEGO® Minecraft Minifigures if you only count the Mobs and Skins. The newest Minecraft Minifigure is the Ninja skin. 

Question: What is the best LEGO Minecraft set in 2022? 

Answer: Although it came out in 2020, we think of the sets that you still can buy in 2022, the Illager Raid, LEGO® set 21160 offers the best value for money. It probably is not the best set to start a collection with, but it has a wonderful mix of Bricks, Minifigure and Minecraft animals. It also has the cool Illager Minifigures.

Question: Has LEGO® Minecraft™ been discontinued?

Answer: No, as of 2022, new LEGO® Minecraft™ sets still appear. The LEGO® Minecraft™ theme is still very popular, and it is a lot of fun to collect all the new LEGO® Minecraft™ Minifigures.