LEGO Velociraptors from Jurassic World & Park overview

What is a Velociraptor?

A Velociraptor is a theropod Dinosaur, their hollow bones and three-toed limbs characterise the dinosaurs species. They lived in the Cretaceous period some 70 million years ago. Velociraptors, also known as raptors, became famous and popular because of the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic park that was released in 1993, showing these raptors with a massive claw hunting for people. Real Raptors were a lot smaller, reaching the size of half a human when they were adults and most likely had feathered bodies like birds.

Which versions of LEGO Velociraptors exist  as LEGO dinosaurs?

We will summarize all LEGO Velociraptors: Jurassic park Velociraptors and other LEGO Dinosaur themes.

LEGO Velociraptors type 1: the brick-build Raptor

The first version of a LEGO raptor was a raptor made of LEGO bricks that came out with set 1370 Raptor Rumble Studio in 2001. It was part of the LEGO Adventure theme, the set features Johnny Thunder and Pippin Reed. The set had 2 LEGO Velociraptors and a Pteranodon inside.

LEGO Raptor type 2: Mutant Raptor

This LEGO Velociraptor appears in LEGO dinosaur set 7474 Urban Avenger vs. Raptor and LEGO set 7295 Buggy chaser, these sets were released in 2005. The Raptor in this set is called Mutant Raptor and is massive compared to a LEGO Minifigure. It has a black and yellow skin. Although it was released in 2005, it is still easily obtainable and not so rare. We are not a fan of this Raptor as it misses the elegance of modern LEGO animals. Though it is probably a good toy for younger children, as it is very sturdy. 

Mutant Raptor front Mutant Raptor side Mutant Raptor back

LEGO Raptor type 3: Modern elegant Velociraptor

In 2011 LEGO released another dinosaur theme, Dino. LEGO Company redesigned all the dinosaurs into their modern form. The same happened for the Velociraptors. They still used the same design in the 2019 release of Rex Dangervest's raptors in the LEGO 2 Movie. We really love this raptor: it is elegant, has a nice size and there are a lot of variants in color. We will go over the different releases.

LEGO theme Dino

In the in 2011 released Dino themen two of the boxes had Raptors in them. Box 5884 Raptor Chase, which had an olive green raptor and box 5887 Dino Defense HQ which had a medium nougat LEGO dinosaur velociraptor.

Set 5887 was a big expensive set, and the result is that the medium dark flesh dinosaur raptor is hard to find and expensive now.

It is more difficult to find the Velociraptor from the LEGO dinosaur set 5884. The raptor has an olive green skin and a dark green back. The skin is covered with lime markings.


LEGO theme Jurassic World

These Dinosaurs came in 2015 with the release of the first Jurassic World movie. They are the four famous Velociraptors from the movie. Charlie, Echo, Delta and their leader Blue.

They released the LEGO velociraptors Charlie and Echo in LEGO set 75920. Echo has an olive green back color and sand green markings. Raptor Charlie has a dark green back with lime markings. Both LEGO dinosaurs are very collectable. They increased a lot in price since the release of the dinosaurs sets. Expect to pay around 35 USD for one even in used condition. They are famous raptor but not so famous as to have been released in multiple boxes. Which is probably what makes them more expensive than the more famous raptor Blue.



The next set with LEGO velociraptors is LEGO box 75917. It contains the LEGO Delta raptor and Velociraptor Blue. Blue has a dark green back and dark blue markings. Delta has an olive green back with tan markings. Both raptors are cheaper than the above raptors. You can find them for around 22 USD.



LEGO junior set 10757 has an unnamed raptor in lime color with a green back. The set features Owen and is belongs to the Jurassic World theme. Since the color does not match any of Owen's original raptors, we assume that this is another raptor that did not appear in the movie. This raptor is still easy to get at the moment of writing. Since the raptor is unnamed, it will probably not be as popular as the four raptors above. It is still a nice raptor to have and necessary if you want a complete LEGO raptor collection.



With the Jurassic World II - Fallen Kingdom movie, LEGO released 2 sets with the velociraptor Blue in it. Set 75928 that has a scene about catching blue and set 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate. This set has the raptor Blue fighting the Indoraptor at the Lockwood Estate. We won't include the Indoraptor, as it does not belong to the group of Velociraptors. The raptor Blue has a sand green back, this time with dark tan legs. If you can choose only one raptor, this is the one to have. It looks great, is reasonably priced and depicts a famous raptor.


In 2018, LEGO also released a set containing a raptor from the Jurassic park 1 movie. LEGO set 75932 has the scene where the raptor chases Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and the 2 children in Jurassic Park. The raptor has a medium dark skin with a dark brown back and markings.

LEGO theme The LEGO Movie 2

In the LEGO Movie 2, one of the main characters of the movie Rex Dangervest has a time travelling spaceship that has a team of raptors as crew. There are two sets with 2 different raptor crew members. Set 70826 Rex's Rex-treme Offroader! which has a dark blue raptor wearing a cannon to face the Plananimals with Emmet and Rex. 


The other LEGO Velociraptor set is set 70835 Rex Rexplorer which has the above raptor, and an extra dark blue raptor with lime green eyes.