Agents Minifigures

LEGO ® Agents Get ready for top-secret missions and spy adventures with our highly detailed and authentic LEGO® Agents Minifigures. Complete your collection, recreate your favorite spy scenes, or mix and match to create new covert operations with these amazing minifigures. Some facts about the LEGO ® Agents theme: The LEGO ® Agents theme was introduced in 2008 and focused on a team of secret agents battling against a nefarious villain named Dr. Inferno. The LEGO ® Agents sets featured a variety of vehicles, such as helicopters, speedboats, and cars, as well as secret hideouts and lairs. One of the most popular sets in the LEGO ® Agents theme was the "Mission 6: Mobile Command Center," which featured a large truck that could transform into a command center. The LEGO ® Agents theme included a range of specialized minifigures with unique gadgets and weapons, such as grappling hooks and laser guns. In addition to the sets, the LEGO ® Agents theme also inspired a video game called "LEGO ® Agents: The Mobile Game," which was released for mobile devices. The LEGO ® Agents theme was discontinued in 2009, but some of the sets and minifigures remain popular among collectors and fans of the theme. The LEGO ® Agents theme was known for its sleek and futuristic designs, and many of the sets included hidden features and compartments for secret agent missions. LEGO ® Ultra Agents LEGO ® Ultra Agents is a sub-theme of the LEGO ® Agents theme that was introduced in 2014. It features a team of elite agents who use advanced technology and gadgets to fight against a villainous organization known as the AntiMatter. The sets in the LEGO ® Ultra Agents theme include a variety of vehicles and locations, such as a secret headquarters, a helicopter, a hovercraft, and a futuristic car. The theme also includes a range of minifigures, including the Ultra Agents themselves, as well as their allies and enemies. The Ultra Agents sets included a variety of vehicles and gadgets for both the heroes and villains, such as the UltraCopter and the AntiMatter's Portal Hideout. One of the most popular sets in the Ultra Agents theme was the "Ultra Agents Mission HQ," which featured a large headquarters building with several rooms and features. The Ultra Agents theme also included an accompanying app game, which allowed players to interact with the sets and characters in a virtual world. The Ultra Agents theme was known for its futuristic designs and unique color schemes, featuring a combination of blue, green, and orange. Despite its short run, the Ultra Agents theme remains a favorite among LEGO ® fans for its exciting storyline, creative designs, and fun play features. Conclusion In conclusion, while LEGO ® Agents and LEGO ® Ultra Agents share a common theme of secret agents and advanced technology, they are distinct in their design, storyline, and marketing. LEGO ® Ultra Agents focused on a more futuristic and high-tech aesthetic, featuring new minifigure designs, vehicles, and settings.