Minifigure Hair

In this category we sell LEGO Minifigure hair pieces. There are different LEGO people hair pieces for man and for woman.

The category also holds Minifigure hair and hair and cap combinations. Each listing is a different type of hair with the available colours of hair attached to it. There are a lot of distinct colours available, from the natural colours of black, blonde, brown and red to more fancy colours of green, purple and pink, as hair in different colours. LEGO the male as well as the female hair pieces come in lots of distinctive styles: there is long hair, pigtails, afro hair, wavy, short, ponytail, hair with bangs. There is also LEGO person theme specific hair like Harry Potter hair, Ninjago hair

The Mini figure hair pieces can be in used or new condition. The condition is shown in each listing.

We only sell authentic LEGO hair pieces.